AIGA Design Club

The AIGA Design Club students have been very busy outside of class. They have been working on a great project with the Sustainability Council at school. The existing signage for Tompkins Cortland Community College’s recycling, composting and trash bins on campus are terribly confusing. The information is now outdated and the signs are inconsistent. Many students and staff simply throw everything in the trash, rather than sort their waste into separate bins.

Check out the video created by the students for the AIGA Upstate New York Student Design Challenge. It reveals the problems they tackled and the solutions they created. The students wanted signage that was more image driven. Student and club member Nate Greene, also of the local Metal band Crimson, created the bin/poster logos and the music for the video. Creating a clear icon for each bin, and also using it on the poster, will hopefully create a stronger connection between the poster and the bin. Club President Liz Boeheim shot all of the photographs for the poster, utilizing trash and recyclable items from the school and local eateries. Liz wanted to use waste items we often see on campus. She also designed the posters, using color and icons to further drive the message about what does and does not belong in each bin.

The posters will be mounted by all bins on campus soon, check them out.



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