Coltivare Class Food Vendor Map

Tompkins Cortland Community College’s Project-Based Learning class (ALEX 249) in the Graphic Design Department has been working with the college’s restaurant

Project-Based Learning Course ALEX 249: Coltivare Art & Design Class
Chair & Assistant Professor Christine J. Shanks: Project-Based Learning course  for client Coltivare restaurant

Tompkins Cortland Community College’s Project-Based Learning class (ALEX 249) has been working on some special projects with Coltivare, the college’s Ithaca restaurant. This class is part of the Graphic Design Department and is taught by Assistant Professor Christine J. Shanks, Chair of the Graphic Design Department.

One of the projects is the Local Food Vendors Map, which highlights vendors supported by Coltivare. Since these local food vendors are usually within a 30-mile radius of the restaurant, the map will further enhance Coltivare’s connection to the local community. Of course, one of Coltivare’s main sources for ingredients isTompkins Cortland Community College’s own farm, which is also incorporated into both the Farm to Bistro and Sustainable Farming and Food Systems programs!

The Gallery (shown above) shows some of the developmental stages of the food vendor map. The student’s experimented with magnets to help hold the vendor pins in place and allow the map to change seasonally. The map is made of repurposed materials such as barn wood. The final iteration is quite interesting and broken out of the original square/rectangle format into an organic section of counties making up the Finger Lake region. The aged/weathered wood compliments Coltivare’s interior and branding. The lakes are made from broken blue glass collected from Coltivare’s bar. The Local Wine and Beer Vendors Map, which shows the entire state of New York, is made from used corks from Coltivare with a red, barn wood backing to set it off from the wall. The cork map key will be hand drawn type on chalkboards over the brick bar.

The students from the two map groups first researched all of the vendors, identifying their locations. From there, the Food Vendor group decided that a map of the entire state would contain too much blank space and began working on ideas to focus on the Finger Lakes Region. Later they applied clear categories for each vendor, such as dairy, produce, and meat.

The group of students working on the food and wine maps in alphabetical order are Kim Cote, Ben Gallegos, Rose Pinnisi, Dan Ramos Sandoval, Hunter Senecal, Melissa Sprole, Drew Towers, and Chad Trimm. Guest fabricator and carpenter Anthony Smith will be helping the students make these maps a reality.


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